Strategy Consulting with Michael Tanenbaum

Hi there! I am a strategist who utilizes social analytics and listening data to craft powerful brand stories for fashion, beauty, lifestyle & food clientele.

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I provide brand strategy and market intelligence for small- to medium-sized businesses from startup to acquisition, with the goal of achieving for them a sustainable competitive advantage.

My services include creating actionable recommendations that are designed to:

—inform business strategy and execution—
—safeguard against market disruption—
—increase investment value—

The process involves conducting a detailed and bespoke analysis of your brand’s consumer needs, emotions and the competitive environment by harnessing real-time and historical social media listening data to determine where the brand stands in the marketplace, relative to itself and its competitors.


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Brands with which I have worked at prior agencies or on my own include:

CAULIPOWER Pizza • Comvita Honey • Nutella • Kinder
Pepsi Global • Sennheiser Electronics • Harry Winston
Perricone MD • Playboy • Revlon
J Brand Jeans • Intermix • LORAC Cosmetics
KCRW Radio

Contact me! I love to talk...and to listen.